It all started when...

founder Sasha Herman watched as a big, bright, smiley face beach ball transformed an otherwise average business meeting into a a jam session of ideas, laughter and innovative problem-solving.

That afternoon, the room erupted into such positivity and dynamism it quite literally attracted the attention of the entire floor of downtown office tower.  The attention wasn't one of frustration, but of curiosity and a desire to want to get involved.

As the beach ball sailed across the room, spontaneity, authenticity, confidence and creativity and laughter erupted. The goodness of being human showed up.

what happened?

It was a moment of connectedness and play. Both of which are fundamental to our ability to survive and thrive. Both of which allowed the room to bypass fear and hierarchy, to shed worry of what others might think and of any self-doubt and to tap into courage and the common experience of being human.

Imagine what would be possible for your business, your customers, your teams and yourself if at the heart of how you create is your experience as a human. An experience rooted in:

  • Connection as the foundation for collaboration, teamwork and what is at the basis of our happiness as humans.
  • The science of the Happiness Advantage and it's power to drive our purpose and performance.
  • The emersion into building meaningful relationships by leveraging our Emotional Intelligence (EQ).
  • All of this backed by neuroscience and innovative potential of play. Because play is where your magic lives.

It's what we're about. And we'll let you in on our little's what's in our secret sauce. 

Our Bold promise?

You'll leave feeling different. We don't just give you information. We give you experience. And you're going to experience the change across the whole of your life and where it matters most.

You will leave more connected to the leader and person you were born to be. More connected to your team mates and your fellow humans.

How, you ask?

We bring together the best in the business - Professional Coaches, HR Professionals, MBAs, experienced Camp Councillors + the research of neuroscience, Human Behaviour & Development and Leadership - into a dynamic delivery of play, experiential learning, and the courageous pursuit of your greater purpose.

We are The Work Happy Company.