It all started when...

founder Sasha Herman watched as a big, bright, smiley face beach ball transformed an otherwise average business meeting into a a jam session of ideas, laughter and innovative problem-solving.

That afternoon, the room erupted into such positivity and dynamism it quite literally attracted the attention of the entire floor of a downtown office tower.  The attention wasn't one of frustration but rather, of curiosity and a longing to participate.

As the beach ball sailed across the room, spontaneity, authenticity, confidence, creativity and laughter erupted. The goodness of being human showed up.

what happened?

It was a moment of connectedness and play. Both of which are fundamental to our ability to survive and thrive. Both of which allowed the room to bypass fear and hierarchy, to shed worry of what others might think and of any self-doubt and to tap into courage and the common experience of being human.

It Became our mission:

Inspiring more heart and more courage at home and in the workplace. Connecting people to themselves and each other as human beings first; as their best, most powerful selves. All in the pursuit of creating impact and wealth for greatest good of the individual, the team, business and the world. And all with a little more levity and a sense of play. 

We believe we can all live an exceptional lives and create exponential businesses... and have fun along the way!

OUR bold promise?

You will create a future you can be proud of; a life that feels good and means something. A business that excels.

Feel better. Do better.

How, you ask?

We tap into the best version of you and your teams by creating an experience rooted in:

  • Play! And the full emersion into the experience of connection, teamwork and the breaking-up old patterns of behaviour. And also because it's fun and because it's where your innovative magic lives.
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) education and skills development as the foundation for self-mastery, building meaningful relationships, teamwork and powerful collaboration. After all 75% of success is EQ as opposed to IQ!
  • Personal-Professional Leadership, taking the neuroscience of the Happiness Advantage and coupling it with motivating power of purpose to drive performance. Playing big and living big.

We bring together the best in the business

ICF Global Award winning Coaches,
MBAs & tenured leaders,
Organizational Development experts,
HR professionals and
fun, feisty front-of-room facilitators

For a dynamic delivery of play, experiential learning, and the courageous pursuit of your greater purpose, your business's growth and your overall success.

Let's Work Happy.