here's what's possible...

Individuals inspired to be the best version of themselves, inspired to build businesses they care about.

Greatness breading greatness through experiential learning, fun, play and connection. We call it "Playing Big".
And we have a PLAY IT BIG event for individuals coming up!

This is what you get:

  • An unforgettable experience; connection, fun, engagement.
  • Clarity of vision; alignment to purpose and strategy that makes sense.
  • Inspiring leadership; self-mastery skills and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Team-engagement; conflict resolution and powerful collaboration.
  • Business Performance; inspired individuals, teams that deliver, success.
  • Legacy; a future you can proud of.

This is how we do it:

We tap into the best version of you and your teams by creating an experience rooted in:

  • Play! And the full emersion into the experience of connection, teamwork and the breaking-up old patterns of behaviour. And also because it's fun and because it's where your innovative magic lives.
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) education and skills development as the foundation for self-mastery, building meaningful relationships, teamwork and powerful collaboration. After all 75% of success is EQ as opposed to IQ!
  • Personal-Professional Leadership, taking the neuroscience of the Happiness Advantage and coupling it with motivating power of purpose to drive performance. Playing big and living big.

facilitation | WORKSHOPS 



We come to you, bringing with us engaging and lively events, workshops, team-building, training and facilitation services geared towards building up EQ, breaking down boundaries; tapping into each person's full leadership potential and into your team's power to collaborate, create and innovate.

We cover a range of topics and options. What is common across them all is that we put the experience of your team members first. Until they are on fire, you're business won't be. So, let's work happy. 




We invite you to join us at Leadership Camp. It is quite literally summer camp for adults! ...with your personal and leadership growth development in mind.

A fully immersive exploration of what it means to create and innovate from a place of courage and confidence. Through play, fun and healthy dose of the outdoors (or indoors made to feel like camp), it's the opportunity to stretch fully into who you are and the leader you are destined to be; at home and at work.