Thank you BCLC for stepping fully into the possibility of play, growth, and innovation!

We recently spent 2 days working with 18 leaders and exploring the concepts of greater self-awareness and what it means to be a next-generation leader. The openness and willingness to learn that this team brought forth was a demonstration of leadership at it’s finest and a true inspiration. What we taught was only the cherry on top.


This summer we were invited by TELUS to we kick off one of our favourite programs: our Leadership Camp event. Faux camp fire and all!

Designed to tap into the leader we were each born to be, we invite participants to step up their personal and career game and well, Play It Big.

To do that, we combine leadership development with laughter. Personal growth with play. And connection through courage and collaborations. We think the smiles say it all. 


We also hit the streets and invited the community to Play It Big. Whereas our corporate events are about business leadership, our public events are about personal leadership. In both cases, it's about being brave. And BRAVE has become the model for the 4-part program and that which we walk our participants through; all of which are about a living a life that means something to you!

Some of the other stuff we have been up to....