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“In my 20+ years of exposure to leadership development and workshops, this has to have been the best one I have ever participated in. Really valuable tools, surprising amount of participation. The time flew, it was fun and I’m excited to see where the team goes from here!” - Garth P., Director, BCLC / Coach Approach participant


WORKSHOPS at the ready

We have a few tried, tested and true workshops that combine leadership skill development with team building.

The Coach Approach teaches teams, leaders and individual the most powerful of communication and inter-personal skills. Full of hands-on exercises, the workshop is designed to stretch participants' effectiveness using the skills, as well as grow their self-awareness and leadership range while increasing their ability to connect, collaborate and influence positive outcomes with those around them.

B.R.A.V.E looks at the bold purpose, values, visions, and goals of the individual and the team; what is important and what each wants to achieve. From there, we ask participants to explore the leader they would need to be, would want to be and ultimately, that which they were born to be. With the clarity of vision and the courage to step forward into their full leadership potential, participants get to create a vision and a map for the future, from this more powerful place…together.

Self-Mastery Series focuses on the most fundamental pillars of leadership and EQ; our self-awareness and the impact we have on others. The first series focuses on the tendency of the mind to get in the way of our greatest success and happiness, and the tools needed to become more aware and more at-choice on how we behave, lead and live.

Custom client solutions

“It's the type of self-evaluation from inside-out that is really important in our lives. This will make easier to have a better understanding about our purpose in life and to understand ourselves. It’s a moment to focus on what we want and the way we are going to take be happy.” Liz. R / B.R.A.V.E participant

If it’s related to people, to increasing performance and to delivering next-level results, we can help.

Based on your goals and specific pain points, we tailor workshops, facilitation, and coaching to address the needs of the individual and the team.

Be it to reduce conflict, improve collaboration and communication, reduce turnover, improve customer satisfaction, reduce waste and unnecessary work, increase innovation, expand leadership skills and team cohesion, or whether it’s simply about building on the good and making it great, we work with you hand-in-hand to discover the unique opportunities you have to create powerful change.

“I truly believe this type of training is transformational. The impact will be far reaching and long lasting.” - Coach Approach participant via anonymous feedback form