“Sasha was awesome. She was part of the reason I wanted to come to this course. I remembered meeting her at an event and how impressed I was with her positive outlook and great personality. I hope to come to more of her events. Reza and Sasha worked perfect together. It was a transformational experience and I am a better person and leader because of it.” - B.R.A.V.E participant via anonymous feedback form


Sasha is a speaker, coach, fun-maker and organizational game-changer. Sasha'a core strengths are rooted in activating and inspiring individuals, building relationships and creating authenticity and connection between people. With an MBA from McGill, over 12 years corporate leadership experience and more than 3 years running a successful leadership development training and coaching practice, she prides herself on tapping into the potential of people's full life experience - professional and personal - so that they can be the best, the most powerful version of themselves; at work and at home. Find out more at: sashaherman.ca

Reza is an award winning coach and facilitator. He studied Engineering Physics at the University of British Columbia and worked as an R&D Engineer in the high tech sector for a decade. Later he transitioned to Leadership Development field by following his calling is to empower individuals and teams reach their highest potential. Reza has a unique ability to connect with analytical, left-brained leaders while helping them tap into their creative self-expression to access new insights and power, not previously accessible to them. Reza was honoured to receive the prestigious PRISM coaching award from International Coach Federation (ICF) in 2016 at provincial level and in 2017 at international level due to co-creating a culture of coaching and development in a high tech firm.