Creating powerful leaders and high-performance teams.

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We are human beings first.

As human beings, it is our experience that shapes our reality; our innovation, our creativity, our power, and our potential.

What we experience today dictates the future that we create. For ourselves, our businesses and our customers.

We put the human experience at the heart of all the work that we do.  And what we do, is make sure you design a future you can be proud of.

We are The Work Happy Company. 


We may be the new kids on the block but
we’ve already worked with these amazing organizations:


“I have attended countless training. I couldn't even tell you what they were all about. This has changed everything.” - Stacey G. Senior Manager, TELUS


We offer programming people use.
We offer programming that makes a difference


“In my 20+ years of exposure to leadership development and workshops, this has to have been the best one I have ever participated in. Really valuable tools, surprising amount of participation. The time flew, it was fun and I’m excited to see where the team goes from here!” - Garth P., Director, BCLC



We are in the business of people potential.
We know that happy people are high-performance people.

By being the best, most purpose-driven version of ourselves we can not only change our experience but also our performance and our possibilities.

Our mission is to bring more humanity into the workplace and to make it a place where each person gets to be their best, most heart-centered and powerful leader; dedicated to doing their best, to each other and to the success of the organization.

The foundation upon which we work is simple:
Connect to your personal sense of happy, lead from that place and let that be the differentiator for success; in your life, your team, your business, and the world.

Feel good. Do good.

Find out why we do what we do, and how we can help you.

The Story

the promise

We deliver leadership training and coaching that connects individuals to their best self; increasing their adaptability, influence, and effectiveness.

No powerpoint, no case studies or pages of theory. This is relevant, real, practical, hands-on, fun, laugh-out-loud (in a good way), life-changing kind of learning. It will be the best, most engaging training you’ll ever participate in. Or so we have been told…

Our training aims to develop the whole person; head (IQ) and heart (EQ). We also take aim at building the health of the whole team; addressing conflict, effective communication, teamwork, collaboration, innovation, and the overall team performance needed to stay relevant and thrive in today’s world.

It is possible to be happy, be human and be successful. It's what we believe in, it's what we promise. 

Want to Work Happy?